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Effective July 7th, Addis Seafood will be closed on Sundays. 
Addis Seafood is locally owned and staffed. We are a competitively priced seafood market that prides ourself on the quality of our products and the speedy customer service.  

Addis Seafood, also known by some as "Addis Seafood & Snack Shack", carries a large selection of various seafood whether it be fresh, frozen or boiled. You can also find vegetables and other seasonings needed to accomplish a pleasing result for your taste buds. Planning on boiling crawfish? You may also be interested in the pre-mixed seasoning packs for your first boil and second boil! How's that for ease and convenience?

Now, we can't forget about the snacks. At Addis Seafood you can pick up some Benoit's Cracklins as well as some of LeBlanc's Boudin

For our customers' convenience we offer an ATM inside.  There's really too much to mention which makes a visit a necessity!  Check out our MENU Page for a valuable coupon!!

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